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Chapman Communities Celebrates a Decade of Dedication to Personal and Professional Development Courses

A Decade of Dedication

Landing 750 and Setting the Course for More

Chapman Foundation for Caring Communities is excited to announce that it has completed 750 (seven hundred and fifty) personal and professional development courses in communication skills. The powerful three-day communication course “Our Community Listens” is conducted in partnership with communities, organizations, and businesses from around the globe to improve the communication skills of people from all walks of life. “We would like to thank our alumni, collaborators, and partners for being a part of this successful milestone,” said Misty Janks, Foundation CEO.

A Decade of Dedication

In 2012, Chapman Foundation for Caring Communities began offering personal and professional development courses through communication skills training to communities across the United States. A decade later, more than 13,000 individuals have healed relationships and grown as leaders through this unique learning experience. Our most recent alumni, photographed above, took the Our Community Listens course in Charleston, South Carolina. Participants included law enforcement officers, first responders, military personnel, corporate executives, social workers, graphic designers, software developers, and healthcare professionals—all from the same community.

What is Our Community Listens and how can it help you in your personal and professional development?

The Our Community Listens course is designed to help participants learn how to listen effectively, become more empathetic, and build better relationships. These skills are essential for success in both personal and professional contexts. In addition, the experience offered by Chapman Foundation for Caring Communities will help you to learn what motivates your team members and improve self-awareness.

Who is eligible to participate in Our Community Listens and Other Courses Offered by Chapman Foundation for Caring Communities?

Chapman Foundation for Caring Communities offers communication skills training courses to anyone who wishes to deepen their connections at work or home through people-centered relationships. The for-good organization seeks opportunities for collective impact to create communities of care. Join dozens of partners and collaborators that have already chosen Chapman Foundation for Caring Communities as their provider of transformational learning experiences. 

How can you sign up for a communication skills training course near you?

Click here, to sign up for a virtual online course or in-person course near you. Participants can sort by location, date, class type, or learning experience. Also, you can contact the foundation directly to learn more.