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Caring Workplaces and Caring Communities

Would you like to bring the benefits of CFCC’s trainings to your workplace and community? You can! Your options are…
Caring Workplaces

The Chapman Foundation for Caring Communities works alongside organizations in education, military, local government and non-profit sectors that share our mission. If you are in one of these sectors and you want to start a new Caring Workplace partnership, keep reading.

Caring Communities

Depending on the size of the community, when several anchor institutions hold the Caring Workplace Designation, the community can apply for a Caring Community Designation.

Host a Designated Course

Bring your workplace along by hosting a dedicated class on your site. You collaborate by contributing resources to help make the class available. Interested, click here!

Join a Community Course

Bring your workplace along by having a small group of colleagues participate in a community class. Click here to find an online or in-person course that fits your needs. 

How the Partnership process works

We partner with community building organizations for collective impact. We build leaders with the skills and courage to care that transform that families, workplaces, and communities. Our partners are in in education, military, local government and the nonprofit sector. Through shared investment, we help these partners deliver programs in their area that equips people with the tools for listening, empathy, leadership, care and service, allowing care to permeate every aspect of the organization’s culture and community.

Here’s how your organization or community can join the movement:


Let us know you’re interested in beginning the conversation

The Explore Phase

6-9 month time period, host 2-3 pilot classes of Listens

The Launch Phase

Design integration plan, sign organizational agreement, implement classes, acquire funding, enroll executives in the Transforms course, select internal facilitators (depending on the size of your organization)

The Take Flight Phase

Deliver Listens, Serves, and Transforms curriculum and continuous learning opportunities, collect and report metrics and outcomes

The Benefits of Partnering with CFCC

Receive a Caring Workplace Designation

To receive the designation organizations must implement all three foundational courses​, integrate critical behaviors and supports into organizational framework: structure, policies, procedures, etc.​, complete Pulse Surveys with Engagement and Satisfaction Scores above 85%​, and have team members are participate in continuous learning and ongoing support​s

Receive a Caring Community Designation

A select number of anchor institutions have earned a Caring Workplace designation, organization’s are collaboratively offering Listens & Serves to the community on a monthly basis

Internal Benefits for Workplaces

• Team member satisfaction​ • Engagement​ • Professional development​ • Method to handle conflict​ • Better communication​ • Increased we-centric culture​ • Higher Emotional Intelligence • Benefits seen in personal and family lives • Data & outcomes

External Benefits for Workplaces

​• Brand awareness​ • Build trust with a community​ • Forge alliances with other local business​ • Leverage local ties​ • Attract local talent​ • Foster a culture of collaboration​ • Community collective impact​

But don’t take our word for it, see what these participants had to say.

“This program changed the way I approach everything – from my marriage, to my parenting, to other relationships, to the way I lead. Amazing content and very well done!”

– Terry Patton
Greater St Louis Chapter Alumnus

“These were the most valuable three days that I’ve invested in my professional career. This course was truly transformational. I recommend any course from the Chapman Foundation for Caring Communities to anyone who is serious about being a better leader and human. Thank you all for what you do to make these courses available!”

– Joshua Gale
Sr. Marketing Director, CFCC

“Overall this experience has opened many eyes and doors. I have found numerous sections of Our Community Listens to be valuable. This has brought many of us closer than we were, even if we don’t see it. This not only will help in our career fields but in our homes with family and friends. Thank you. – Justin, Alpena, MI”

– Justin
US Military

“Our Community LIstens is an outstanding leadership and communications seminar. Many concepts challenged methods of communication I currently believe in and use, really illuminating my faults (in a good way) and helped me determine methods and tools to get better and create a much better culture and environment within my organization. I would highly recommend to all leaders and supervisors at every level.”

– Richard
Michigan Alumnus

“I learned a lot during Our Community Listens and I also strengthened relationships. This class brought me a lot of insight and joy and I highly recommend this course to others in my department and other organizations. Hannah, Boulder, CO”

– Hannah
Educator, Boulder, CO