Our Core Class

More than 11,000 individuals have completed Our Community Listens, the communications skills training course that is the heart and soul of Chapman Foundation for Caring Communities. Through this life-changing course, you will:

  • Learn your own behavioral style and how it affects your interactions.
  • Improve your ability to attentively listen and understand the impact that can have on others.
  • Develop a more effective way to have difficult conversations.
  • Feel empowered to strengthen and heal broken relationships.
  • See the world in a different way, through a more compassionate lens.


But don't take our word for it, see what these participants had to say.

    "This class helped validate who I am and how I function socially, but also helped me to see the great opportunities others bring." Kat Seastrunck South Carolina Chapter Alumnus
    "OCL training goes way beyond communication!  When we become more aware of ourselves and others we will become the best version of our self." Linda Chaloupka Wisconsin Chapter (Mequon) Alumnus
    "… heavy emphasis on practicality. How to raise issues with your boss confidently, how to thoughtfully listen to your children and spouse, how to meaningfully recognize and appreciate your employees. It's just a shame I worked this long before learning about these tools!" Greg Bunker Dow Chemical Company/Michigan Chapter (Midland) Alumnus
    "This class has enhanced my relationships both personally and professionally. The results have been remarkable in my relationships with my adult children, having learned to show grace and become a better listener. " Terry Patton Greater St Louis Chapter Alumnus
    "This program changed the way I approach everything - from my marriage, to my parenting, to other relationships, to the way I lead. Amazing content and very well done!" Kevin Miquelon Greater St Louis Chapter Alumnus

This in-person, intensive workshop offers three days of powerful classroom instruction, experiential activity, and group discussion.

  • Day One focuses on your unique behavioral style.
  • Day Two builds on this learning and helps you understand the communication cycle.
  • Day Three offers effective confrontation techniques and practice.

Class Pricing

We offer our trainings to make a difference, not a profit. As such, we do not ever want money to be a barrier to learning. The suggested investment is only $295 per participant, but we invite you to pay what you can towards the cost of this training. 

When you register for your class, you will have the opportunity to select the payment that is right for you. Participation in Our Community Listens is generously subsidized through a gift of the Chapman Foundation for Caring Communities (CFCC).


Ongoing Education

Designed to deepen the impact of our training, our micro-courses engage participants by applying our communication tools to a variety of real-life situations. The sessions range in length from five to 90 minutes and are offered in multiple formats to best meet the needs of the individual:

Skills Training

In these interactive webinars, facilitators review and expand on key skills, allowing participants to increase their understanding of themselves and how to strengthen their relationship with others through the power of empathetic engagement.

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Skills Application

This training format is not a one-way webinar but a skill application session with a variety of small group breakouts and other interactive components. Participants are encouraged to contribute to small and large group conversations, share their voices and participate with video. Plan to participate with an open mind and heart, assuming the best intentions of the group and work together to identify ways to grow and experiment with key skills together. Types of Skills Application offerings:

  • Roundtables - while focusing on a specific topic, participants reflect and define their own behavior change and action in an environment created for learning.
  • Learning Labs - conduct a training session with a pre-determined content slide arrangement programmed to create an intended outcome. Deep dive into the hands-on application of skills.
  • Connect Session - create an environment where through listening and connection, topic themes emerge, from which, facilitators draw understanding to the participant experience.

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Learning Supports

We offer the following supplemental resources to deepen learning outcomes:


Skill(s) Snippets