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012 – Announcements about the podcast and OCL website

Adam has some big announcements for the OCL podcast and website. #thefutureisbright

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Speaker 2:

Hello and welcome to the Our Community Listens podcast. We are taking a break this week to set up our fall lineup. Our next episode will be an interview with Maggie Gerardi, Director of Whitcomb Terrace Assisted Living in Aspen, Colorado. Yep, you heard that right, Colorado. Our Community Listens has chapters in Colorado, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oregon, Wisconsin, and Michigan. You are connected to a larger group of alumni, seeking to improve relationships in their communities, personal and professional lives.

To give you an idea of what to expect, Colorado chapter leader Shera Bryce says, “Maggie took CST and was so inspired that she invited her team of 12 to apply. And then supported them as they work together to cover each other’s shifts so that each person could attend a three-day class. The Whitcomb Terrace team use their CST skills to ensure that each resident knows that they matter, as they extend the gift of listening to all those entrusted to their care, whether she’s at work or at the soccer fields cheering on her sons, Maggie is the message and is a valued inspirational leader in the community.”

The response we are getting from our episodes in the terms of listens and comments is incredible. Alumni, you are the message, and we are hearing more and more stories of how you’re utilizing the skills in your professional and personal lives. Be sure to set some time aside to download the next episode on September 21st. We are also excited to announce our brand new website debuting on September 21st. The website stays the same,, but there will be a new look and new resources. We’ll provide you local and national level access to blogs on content and real life application, tools for keeping your skills fresh, our podcast, and impact stories from people and communities across the nation. We hope you’ll find that it serves your needs as alumni and links you with other members of the Listening Movement that continues to grow nationwide through OCL. We appreciate you listening and supporting the OCL podcast based in Michigan, supporting all of the OCL alumni. Thank you so much for listening. Get excited for everything new coming your way, and don’t forget you are the message.