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  • Different Communication Styles

    Different Communication Styles

    Julie Chapman | Jul 18, 2016

    “You just don’t get it.” My seventeen year old daughter said as she walked away. Once again, our conversation had become a battle field, leaving both of us dissatisfied and a little wounded. Normally, we get along, but before I took Our Community Listen’s communication skills training class, we would leave an argument, extremely irritated with the other.

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  • Charleston Listens With Statements

    Charleston Listens With Statements

    Julie Chapman | Jul 04, 2016

    Sitting across from my friend, I began to tell her about my predicament. She listened for a few moments before peppering me with questions. With each new inquiry, I had to stop my train of thought and answer her. The easy flow of the initial conversation waned and my thought process suffered.

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  • Monkey Poaching

    Monkey Poaching!

    Julie Chapman | Jun 06, 2016

    "Monkey poaching?" you ask. What is monkey poaching? Good question. It is something that we do regularly. It is actually a sport we throw ourselves into with passion.

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  • Ripple Effects

    Ripple Effects

    Julie Chapman | May 23, 2016

    The sun shone brightly against the vast blue sky. Fluffy white clouds hovered over the horizon while a slight breeze flowed in from the ocean, creating smells of salt and sand. Saltwater gently surged back and forth as the waves swelled and retreated. It was a perfect spring day at the beach.

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  • The Power of Empathy

    The Power of Empathy

    Julie Chapman | May 09, 2016

    Imagine a world where escalating discord, decreases to a point of near extinction. A place where people feel connected every day, and can view themselves in another’s shoes, seeing life through a foreign lens. A world where each person feels valuable and necessary to the future of mankind, and thus making a place for themselves in history.

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