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OCL South Carolina began in Charleston in Oct. 2013 when we held our first class on Sullivan’s Island. Five years later, we have offered 61 classes to 900 + participants, who after becoming alumni, practice communication skills one conversation at a time. We host classes in North Charleston, West Ashley, Daniel Island, and Sullivan’s Island. Our dream is to reach the entire state of South Carolina, from government agencies to hospitals to schools and our homes. We want our alumni to be so vast that we have to hold our alumni gatherings in places like the North Charleston Coliseum.

Our facilitators introduce concepts that come alive through their stories and the stories of the participants. We examine communication styles, the communication cycle, nonverbal communication, reflective listening, and effective confrontation.  After three full days, our graduates leave with tools to use in their everyday lives. Life changing is a word we frequently hear from our alumni. Join our listening movement! See the impact you can have on your relationships when you practice the skills!

We hope to see you in an upcoming class!

The knowledge and skills I gained from OCL allowed me to absolutely rock a graduate school admissions interview! I'm so grateful for this free, yet invaluable opportunity. Bri Beck, South Carolina Chapter Alumnus
OCL has given me the skills and the confidence to have (what I used to call confrontational conversations) conflict resolution conversations as well as teach my team to do the same. Amy Van Liew, South Carolina Chapter Alumnus
Firefighters have repeated exposure to the suffering of others. And the 24-hour shift lifestyle in the close confines of a station can be challenging. Understanding the value of listening is critical within the fire service culture. Our Community Listens gives us the skill set to deal with these issues and take care of one another. Greg Bulanow, Fire Chief/South Carolina Chapter (Charleston) Alumnus

Best three days spent with some wonderful people and great instructors. I was amazed at the bond that was formed in such a short period of time. I learned so much about myself and how important my behaviors are toward others.

Pam Harmon, South Carolina Chapter Alumnus
This class helped validate who I am and how I function socially, but also helped me to see the great opportunities others bring. Kat Seastrunck, South Carolina Chapter Alumnus


  • Different Communication Styles

    Different Communication Styles

    by Julie Chapman | Jul 18, 2016
    “You just don’t get it.” My seventeen year old daughter said as she walked away. Once again, our conversation had become a battle field, leaving both of us dissatisfied and a little wounded. Normally, we get along, but before I took Our Community Listen’s communication skills training class, we would leave an argument, extremely irritated with the other.
  • Charleston Listens With Statements

    Charleston Listens With Statements

    by Julie Chapman | Jul 04, 2016
    Sitting across from my friend, I began to tell her about my predicament. She listened for a few moments before peppering me with questions. With each new inquiry, I had to stop my train of thought and answer her. The easy flow of the initial conversation waned and my thought process suffered.
  • Monkey Poaching

    Monkey Poaching!

    by Julie Chapman | Jun 06, 2016
    "Monkey poaching?" you ask. What is monkey poaching? Good question. It is something that we do regularly. It is actually a sport we throw ourselves into with passion.
  • Ripple Effects

    Ripple Effects

    by Julie Chapman | May 23, 2016
    The sun shone brightly against the vast blue sky. Fluffy white clouds hovered over the horizon while a slight breeze flowed in from the ocean, creating smells of salt and sand. Saltwater gently surged back and forth as the waves swelled and retreated. It was a perfect spring day at the beach.
  • The Power of Empathy

    The Power of Empathy

    by Julie Chapman | May 09, 2016
    Imagine a world where escalating discord, decreases to a point of near extinction. A place where people feel connected every day, and can view themselves in another’s shoes, seeing life through a foreign lens. A world where each person feels valuable and necessary to the future of mankind, and thus making a place for themselves in history.
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