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In Our Community Listens - Michigan, we like to say that we inspire and equip people, to inspire and equip others. We believe in working towards a more human way to live and interact with others across the whole landscape of our lives. Our laser-focused vision is to focus on communication, connection, and confrontation skills that build stronger relationships between individuals, within organizations, and across the community.

As we listen to the impact stories of our alumni, we are inspired to keep pushing forward and sharing the message. We are growing a "listening movement" that we hope will wash over Michigan and transform our state.

…tangible tools that have allowed me to connect my behaviors with the actions necessary to drive real growth on a personal and professional level!

Thomas Jacobs, Michigan Chapter (Midland) Alumnus
… heavy emphasis on practicality. How to raise issues with your boss confidently, how to thoughtfully listen to your children and spouse, how to meaningfully recognize and appreciate your employees. It's just a shame I worked this long before learning about these tools! Greg Bunker, Dow Chemical Company/Michigan Chapter (Midland) Alumnus


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    Gratitude the Our Community Listens Way

    by Marya Degrow - Our Community Listens Alumni | Sep 19, 2018
    Attitude of Gratitude......we know gratitude is crucial to a positive mindset. It can also help when we are in situations that can be stressful.
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    Empathy for People Who Suck

    by Marya Degrow - Our Community Listens Alumni | Jun 07, 2018
    Empathy is important, even when we struggle to understand or relate to others. Let's look beyond our natural emotional reactions to some whom we might not readily connect with.
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    What is Empathy and Can I Get Better At It?

    by Marya Degrow - Our Community Listens Alumni | Jun 06, 2018
    What is your understanding of empathy? Can you show someone empathy when they are going through something you've never been through? Can you grow in the ability to show empathy?
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    The art of listening

    by Anonymous | Mar 13, 2018
    I want to write about the great and powerful thing that listening is. And how we forget it. And how we don't listen to our children, or those we love. And least of all - which is so important, too - to those we do not love.
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