Expanding to Meet Your Needs

Expanding to Meet Your Needs

by Rebecca Buell | May 03, 2021

As you read this blog post, you may notice a different look, feel, and name to our website. For over 10 years Our Community Listens has offered transformative learning experiences across the country. Over 11,000 people have learned to understand themselves, connect with others, and lead empathetically through our three-day core class. As I travel the country, person after person tells me, “I am an alum of Our Community Listens.”

The new branding you see is a reflection of our expanded mission to touch the world through equipping people with the tools for Truly Human Connection. In addition to our longstanding and highly effective core class, Our Community Listens, The Chapman Foundation for Caring Communities will offer additional classes providing tools for empathy, authenticity, leadership, care and service. Together, these build out the components of what it means to be a Caring Community.

Can you still take the Our Community Listens core class? Absolutely! We will continue offering our three-day, in-person workshops as soon as we feel it is safe. In addition to our three-day transformative event we offer learning supports in small, short, chewable chunks that you may immediately apply in the relationships closest to you.

Will OCL and CFCC still operate in communities? Yes! In addition to our partnership process where nonprofit, education, military, and government organizations bring our classes into their own environments, community and online classes like this one offered at the Michigan Air National Guard are available in 30+ locations around the country.

In honor of the family that got us started in 2010, we keep the same great class work and continue expanding. Why? Because we imagine a society in which people care about each other first, and a community of care starts with me.

If you’d like more information on our courses, our online events, newsletter, or partnership opportunities, please peruse our website. We’d love to have you join us on the journey.

Growing alongside you,