How does organizational culture change occur and a movement begin?

At the Chapman Foundation Caring Communities, we believe education is meant to foster the potential of the whole person and advance a free, just, and caring society.

Through partnership, CFCC equips adults with the tools to create a thriving educational community. We help you move your culture from transactional to relational, one person, one connection at a time. Focusing on relationships helps build self-efficacy and a sense of belonging, which are necessary components of the academic environment.


We seek partnership with colleges, universities, K-12 systems, and educational nonprofit organizations.

A CFCC educational partner will agree to:

  • Offer Our Community Listens class internally and to the community
  • Participate in CFCC education research
  • Contribute to the CFCC education movement
  • Build team of key stakeholders
  • Share costs

Learn more about our research- and evidence-based approach to integrating Truly Human Connection and the listening movement into your educational community through these resources:

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